Brain Training

Why brain training?

Studies have shown that children benefit greatly from brain training – perhaps even more than adults – because their brains are still growing. According to the Society for Neuroscience in Washington, remembering lists of facts or keeping day-to-day information in your mind is different from memorising things in the long term. To do this, you have to exercise your brain. “When you’re stimulating your brain, it is more active and can even grow brain cell connections. If you teach people to play the piano, the part of the brain that controls finger movements increases and is more active. That’s the idea behind brain training.” say the neuroscientists.

Dr Blakemore says there are two reasons for the interest in brain training. “People are living longer, so they are noticing that their memories are going sooner, or they’re aware of it over a longer period. They care about that because there’s more awareness of about brain health. There’s also scientific evidence showing that training your brain improves it.”

Psychologist Professor Walter Furneaux agrees that this kind of mental stimulation is valuable. “It’s true to say that almost any mental rehearsal can be useful to improve memory [and mental agility].

Brain training, for children, is a chance to develop skills that will last their whole life long.


What Parents Should Know About Brain Training for Kids:

Brain training for kids involves teaching a child cognitive skills. Skills such as memory, comprehension, logic and reasoning will help a child to not only excel in school but also throughout his or her life. It is never too late to start brain training for kids although it is ideal to start them down the path of learning and  even before reaching kindergarten age, to make it a real habit from the start.

Brain training for kids is not expensive. A parent that provides this training for his or her child is enhancing the child’s development in a way that is simply invaluable. It takes an investment of time and a small investment of money but it is more than worth the effort.